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Today I will be posting my review of Biosphere: Hazard by B. W. Cole. Firstly, I would like to thank Distant Shore Publishing for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A few facts about .:

  • Title: Biosphere: Hazard
  • Author: B.W. Cole
  • Series: Standalone
  • Published by Distant Shore Publishing
  • Pages: 130


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When Kit escapes the boredom of space settlement Oasis-7 for a more exciting life, he leaves behind his brother, Jay, and sets him on a journey of his own to try and regain what he lost.

Imprisoned renegade, Sola, serves her time on a nameless moon under the shadow of giant planet Tian. When her friends disappear due to a mysterious illness, secrets begin to unravel, and the true and terrifying nature of the moon is revealed. 

There is only one choice. Escape. At all costs. 

Events are set in motion that can never be undone. Can you ever truly go back from where you came? If you return, what is the cost? 

Dripping with the Gothic atmosphere of Bladerunner and Alien, lovers of dark science fiction, suspense stories and horror will happily sink their teeth into Biosphere: Hazard. 


Here are a few things you can expect from :

  • A gripping science fiction;
  • Gritty, gritty, grit;
  • breakneck pace; and
  • gore/horror vibes.

On to the full review…

Biosphere is a fast paced, action packed sci-fi short that is a page turning and thrilling read. 

To say that this book is just over 100 pages Cole does an incredible job at making you forget its a short. Cole makes every word count and has you continually wanting to read the next page.

Cole sets up a really cool world in Biosphere: Hazard, these regimented futuristic settlements run by droids are really exciting to read about. Despite the page count of this boo you still learn quite a lot about the world and truly feel for each of the characters and their situations. This book had a really unique feel to it, and you just keep wanting more! To the point that I kinda want a full length novel of this book, with a bit more detail and history that full length novel affords a writer.

Now, I am a bit of a sucker for a good brothers storyline so I really enjoyed the plot of this sci-fi tale, add in the injections of gore and horror it is literally a perfect book for the season. I liked the character in this book and could understand the motivations of many of them considering the world they live in!

And whole planet prisons…well who doesn’t love that idea! 

While this is a short review this is a supper fun read, it is season appropriate and it genuinely is a crazy, fast paced and fun read! 

As you are now aware I rate on a buy the hardback, buy the paperback, buy eBook or library rental/wait for a sale scale. This is a BUY THE EBOOK ranked book for me.

  • It is free with Kindle Unlimited
  • It is a reasonable priced eBook
  • I would read this again.
  • I actually LOVE the cover to this little gem!

AGAIN Thank you for reading AND SEE YOU SOON!


Good Afternoon Bookish Folk!

We have finally crawled into October, its autumn and time to find all the good books, sit by the fire in a fluffy jumper with a mug of something hot and READ!

So, to help all you amazing bookish folk out, or at least the UK SFF book loving folk, I have listed below some of the amazing deals floating around Amazon this month.

I’m splitting the deals up today to make it a little easier, we will have ‘FIRST IN A SERIES‘, ‘books from a series‘, ‘THE COMPLETE SERIES‘ and ‘STANDALONE BOOKS.

STANDALONE BOOKS’ single books that stand proud on there own.

Obviously ‘FIRST IN A SERIES‘ is pretty self explanatory, these will be the books that are the first instalments of a series.

BOOKS FROM A SERIES’ these will be any other books that belong to a series, beat book 2, 5 or bloody 11 depending how beastly the series is!

THE COMPLETE SERIES‘ if all the book in the series are on sale.

To the deals…


the binding by bridget collins

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raybearer by jordan ifueko

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the rage of dragons by evan winteR

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the golem and the djinni by helene wecker

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Empire in Black and Gold by Adrian Tchaikovsky

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The Wolf of the North by Duncan M. Hamilton 

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books from a series…


This is book 4 of the Malazan books, and by the looks of last months deals and this months deals this maybe a running theme!

Folks, these books on Kindle are STEEP usually coming in between £5.99 – £7.99 so if you plan on reading these keep picking them up! You then might only have to buy one at full price because this is a big series and thus a big investment.

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This is book 3 of The Interdependency Series.

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The human by neal asher

This is book 3 of The Jain Series.

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This is the first 7 books of the Cradle series by Will Wight, once that is recommended highly

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The Rigante Series by David Gemmell

The a four book series introducing the Rigante tribe, filled to the brim with epic and heroic battles, and mixing the intriguing worlds of Celtic Myth and ancient Earth Magic.

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The Old Kingdom by Garth Nix

The first thrilling installment of Garth Nix’s bestselling OLD KINGDOM series

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The Hellequin Chronicles by Steve McHugh

How do you keep the people you care about safe from enemies you can’t remember?

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Self-Published Fantasy Month is nearly over and it has been such fun to experience. I have seen some incredible reviews and even better interviews. I loved focusing on the self-published gems of the bookish world this month, even if I didn’t read as much as I wanted because I was in a slump ( I loved all I was reading but generally struggled to find the time to read😩😭) I still managed to get some Self-published inspired posts out…

I hosted two giveaways featuring ‘Voice of War’ by the amazing Zack Argyle and ‘The Riven Realm’ by the talented Deck Matthews.

Order Voice of War: Amazon UK / Amazon USA | Order The Riven Realm: Amazon UK / Amazon USA

My Sundays Seven post featured 14 self-published book both read and to be read!

I partnered with Storyteller on Tour and Jesse Nolan Bailey to bring you the cover reveal for his stunning new dark fantasy novella ‘Amethyst‘.


I managed to read…

  • The Lost Sentinel by Suzanne Rodgerson as a part of a book tour hosted by the incredibly hardworking and amazing Storytellers on TourReview Here
  • Deluge by Dark Asthon – Review to Come
  • The First of Shadows by Deck Matthews – Review To Come
  • The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley – Review Here

So, to end Self-Published Fantasy Month with a bang my book haul is going to be all self-published & INDIE bookS and here’s what I picked up!

**You can see by the picture if I bought them in paperback or Kindle**

Goodreads Link
Goodreads Link
Goodreads Link
Goodreads Link
Goodreads Link
Goodreads Link
Goodreads Link
Goodreads Link

What Self-Published/Indie books have you read this month!? LE me know in the comments or on Twitter 🙂

Thanks For Reading