Hello Bookish folks..

When it comes to finding new contributors to ones blog, the search is one of great importance. Without incredibly talented contributors what would we all spend our down time reading when we don’t have our heads in a book? How would we continually increase our TBR’s without gushing reviews from the awesome bloggers out there? It would be a sad and lonely place without them…without you all!

I have been writing my own reviews and bookish posts for over a year now, and it always surprises and wows me when I find new people to connect with.

So, these last few weeks me, myself and I set out on a delightfully perilous journey through the innumerable threads and vast armies of followers to the most magical and dragon plagued world of TWITTER.

The goal: to hopefully find some more awesome contributors to join me.

After trekking through the immense world of social media, I stumbled across quite the find. So, in this update post today, we are going to introduce and get to know some of the awesome contributors joining The Book in Hand!

Sit back and relax, because I’m about to show you just who decided to join!


Our first new blogger is a dark rogue, who is also a self confessed fantasy nut from all the way across the pond! He likes piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain…

Ok. For real! He likes to spill his thoughts about books, especially Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Thrillers. Some of his favourites are…

and is also branching out into the self-published world to with the likes of Will Wight!

Welcoming to the fold…


You can find him on Twitter talking books or on his blog!

@ThatDarkRogue | Twitter


Our second new face to the blog is a swordsmith and explorer of other worlds! His mission in life to read through as many amazing books as possible!

Some of this swordsmith’s favourites are…



The Swordsmith | Blog

@Eldrazi56 | Twitter

@the_sword_smith36 | Instagram

Peter | Goodreads

Our third addition to the blog is a mercenary with many names and master debater from Finland!

Originating in southwestern Australia in the late 1970s, he was raised on a diet of Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and books by Douglas Hill as often as Hill’s poor imitators Asimov and Clarke. He was deemed “too annoying” to be permitted into his school Dungeons and Dragons club. This left him with more time to read.

ANDREW from Hatboys hatstand

Edpool was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011 and decided to make a book out of the harrowing and hilarious series of social media exchanges he collected about the ordeal, from first symptom to final clean bill of health. For more info on that head here!

Hatboy’s Hatstand | Blog

@St_EdPool | Twitter

Chucky Hindle | YouTube

Andrew Hindle | Amazon

Andrew Hindle | Goodreads

Our last addition to the blog, but by no means the least is a world wandering genius who has come all the way from…dare I say it? Instagram!

Some of his favourite series’ are…


ARTHUR from NO cracked spines

@nocrackedspines | Instagram

Arthur | Goodreads


Well, you can expect beautiful photos and a well polished review of Dune from Arthur this Friday!

A certain dark rogue will also be giving us his thoughts on Gideon the Ninth on Sunday!

EdPool is currently reviewing a whole of host of glorious self-published Sci-Fi books for The Self-Published Science Fiction Competition so watch out for those!

Peter is getting us even more excited for the next Tide Child book with his thoughts on the series so far!