Ok, I have briefly said this on and around Twitter; I am changing my review system up. COMPLETELY! And not in a way I think anyone else will use, and maybe that is for a reason because this system could suck ass!

A few bloggers I know and engage with have been thinking or have moved away from the traditional way of rating books, and after much deliberation and a little fear this system will not be understood or just flat out hated, I have decided to take the plunge and change it up.

My reasoning for moving away from the traditional system is mainly due to the fact not all books can be rated by the same criteria.

If you read by previous system you will know it was pretty detailed, and caused me a good few issues when rating a book. The criteria I was setting for a five star read’s were all your standards points but it didn’t account for the books that really don’t meet them in a technical sense but still make you want to give them a five. I have read many books that don’t have poignant and flowery prose, that might not excel in all the areas I previously listed as five star requirements but the story was engaging and I loved the book. So, who am I to prevent myself from giving a five star because it didn’t fall into my own strict ass criteria?

So, its gone! Done.

Now, welcome to the new system. Hate it or love it, im sticking with it until I say otherwise. It probably doesn’t even count as a bloody rating system at all but to me it makes sense and it is a good way to judge my value of the book.

Without further ado I will now be rating books by the following tags:


We all know that a hardback can be a pretty costly version of the book, so if you are happy to buy a hardback you have enjoyed this book! Even more so if you go for a limited edition or a collection from somewhere like Goldsboro Books. So, if I tag a book as a ‘BUY THE HARDBACK’ you know I loved this book.


If I tag a book as ‘BUY THE PAPERBACK’ this is still an outstanding book and one I thoroughly enjoyed. It could simply be that the cover isn’t as good as it could be so I opt for paperback instead of hardback.


I enjoyed this book, but don’t quite want to spend more money on it to get a physical copy. It is probably a book I will only read once.


This one is a harder one to explain, because there is still effort going to the library and getting it back to the library on time but it is the fact you don’t pay for this book or you pay a little as possible. It may be that this tag gets removed seen as though I don’t feel like I have actually come across a boo that falls in this category but we will see.

I get these tags don’t necessarily give you a specific guide because little things can be the deciding factor between what type of purchase I would choose but I like that. So please don’t think to much into it.

If you bought a hardback you were willing to pay between £15.00 and £20.00.

If you bought the paperback after having read it originally on your kindle, you like this book. I mean you want it on your shelves for a reason.

If you happy with it on your kindle, its a good book but you might not want to spend that extra money on getting another copy because you may never read it again.

If you want to wait and pick it up in a sale or rent it from your local library, I think that also speaks for itself. You are probably not that bother.

If you HATE this system then head on to my Goodreads, I will still be using their rating scale because I don’t want to negatively impact a good books average rating because my blog is moving away from the numerical system. So, if you need the star rating it will still be there.