Evening Book Folk!

Now this is a bit of a twist on the Sundays Seven, it isn’t a list of seven books this week but instead the seven deadly reading sins!

This was such a fun post to write and I hope you don’t take it too serious. IT’S A FUN POST! If you want to bitch because you definitely fall into one of these reader sins and the truth hurts maybe check out another post.

Here is is seven deadly reading sins…


The glutenous reader…

For months we wait for our most anticipated release and rather than savour the book like a fine wine we cradle the copy in our arms and read and read and read and read!

It is the uncontrolled devouring of the book that leads us to fall asleep at ungodly times and wake not so many hours later only to pick up the book immediately. Got work? No matter you have the ebook form and sneak read through your shift! Got the audiobook, mehhh who need to be sociable at work!



Thou shall not covet the heartbreakingly beautiful covers and editions of their other book blogging friends.

You know the envy, the moment when you realise your friend across the pond has a WAY BETTER cover to the book you both have! Ohhh, and it is far FARRRR better than yours!

OR you are just late to the party and have come to love a book when the hardcovers are no longer in print! So you covet the lustrous edition your friend just posted on their Bookstagram. MmmmmmHmmmm,


Mmmmm, the greedy reader!

Gree, greed and greed.

What to say of greed….Well, for one I feel like this is definitely the most confessed sin. This sin is for those who have a book along with the many other multiple editions of the same book! Some even take it further and have the exact same copy of the book! But, I’m also talking to you who have the paperback, the hardback and the illustrated edition!

Ohhh, so you NEEDED that little leather-bound Lord of the Rings editions AND you NEEDED the illustrated edition too? Mmmmmm. Along with, I don’t know, popheads and figures and all the other little bundles of magic that sit on a hypothetical shelf!

Who does that? Not me?


Something that doesn’t always feel like a sin, am I right?

There is a fine line to this sin, oh yes, it is the line between being generally excited and happy about your success in the bookish world and flat out bragging.

Yes, this sin belongs to the braggers those who get all the ARCS and shout about it to the world, those who read an ungodly amount of books and anything less than their number is a poor attempt! Yes YOU!

Oh there are many out there and I bet we all brag to some degree! I know I did when I got A Fools Hope, shit I tweeted that gain immediately but what can I say…your girl WAS EXCITED!!


Ahhh, wrath and no not the brilliantly written fourth book in The Faithful and the Fallen series, but reader wrath.

This here is the reader who is a rage quitter. A series DNF’er. When a book completely subverts from your expectations you lose your shit! You don’t marvel at the joy and cleverness of the plot, no you HATE it. You rage DNF, much like the rage quitter on a game! It’s not going your way, so the book is closed and neglected for the rest of time.


Oh the sloth, the lazy sinner.

Yes, I am talking to you reader who neglects everything else for a book. You become sluggish and will leave those chores to the very last minute before your other half gets home or you will push that dog walk until your hound practically brings you the lead! We have all done. We have all been so engrossed by a book that the world falls away around us!


Now, I could go for literal sense of lust and go on and on about book boyfriends and the oh so swoon worthy romances in books, but nahhhh.

This lusty sin is an even more deadly sin, it is the lusting after the newer books, falling to the lure of that pretty new title and bypassing the many already sat on your TBR. I know I have committed this sin, so many books from my TBR have been left in the dust because a pretty new blurb came my way. Yes, Twitter blew up over this book and you forgot all about your scheduled reads and went straight to the new title without hesitation.

There it is readers, see that wasn’t that touchy! I definitely fall into more than one of these little sins, which sins are you guilty of committing?


  1. Oh, I don’t know anything about those seven deadly reading sins. Certainly not lust. My bookshelves would never overflow with books and books and books and books because “there’s always room for more!” Perish the thought.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

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