Hello Book Folk!

Today, is a little bit of an accountability post for myself. It is going to be the books that I NEED/WANT to read for a variety of reasons.

The books on this list are the ones that I have received from generous authors, ARC’s NetGalley downloads or just some books I have been meaning to get to but keep missing.

As the title of this post says this TBR will have no order or time limits and hopefully is varied enough my mood reader problems won’t cause me problems. This TBR could be with me for the next three months or the next bloody year I don’t know, but these are the books I want to get through soonish!

I have been lucky enough to receive a good number of books from authors and I just haven’t had time to get around to them lately. I always give a realistic reading time to anyone who sends me a book (and im pretty sure I’m still within them all) but I feel like I am SOOOO behind at the minute because of my month or so long time/reading slump! And that makes me feel shitty to those who have sent me books.

The thing with books is, we get out of them what we put in.

If I go into a book with the wrong mindset or a blagging feeling that I HAVE TO READ THIS or that I’m letting someone down, well, I’m going to be stressed before I even start reading and that will without fail have a negative impact on my reading experience and thus review. So, while I appreciate the need to honour time commitments and be realistic, if your book is already published would you not rather me going in with the best possible attitude and love your book or feel forced into it and not enjoy it as much as I could.

So this is my post detailing the books I am moving to my immediate TBR and a few little notes. Again, an accountability post.

**This is in no particular order, as I am just going to pick from this list each time I need a new book to read**

**Any title with a link attached to it is simply the Goodreads link in case you want to check the book out**


The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan:

I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of ‘The Waking Fire’ book from Anthony Ryan after having a Twitter conversation about picking it up! This book is pretty high up in my mind and is likely to be my next read after ‘The Thief Who Spat in Luck Good Eye‘ by Micheal McClung.

The Wolf and the Water by Josie Jaffrey:

I received this through Josie’s ARC request form and I’m super excited to read it. I liked her light-hearted easy to read book ‘May Day‘ so thought I would request ‘The Wolf and the Water’ too. This is due to be release on October 8th so I would really like to have it read and reviewed before them. While no deadline was set for this ARC I still feel like it is good practice to aim for release day! That’s why we get most ARC’s after all, its just good manners in my opinion.

We Are The Dead by Mike Shackle:

This is another book I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of through talking to the author on Twitter. Mike was kind enough to offer a few signed copies with his brilliant doodles in to those who were lucky enough to see his post and ask! ‘We Are The Dead‘ had been on my radar so I flew at this chance, and as I said I was SUPER lucky to be one of the early requesters!

Sojourney by Brian Shotton:

Brian contacted me through my email and offered me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review, I accepted as it sounded like quite a cool book! I received this mid August, or early August and still haven’t gotten around to reading it. Which I always feel super shitty for. I’m still within the time frame I set but it still feels like I’m lagging because of my month and a half long slump.

Voice of War by Zack Argyle:

Zack was generous enough to send me a copy of ‘Voice of War‘ after we ran a giveaway together, I was not expecting this and I am SOOO happy and utterly grateful. A lot of time and effort goes into a book and so to give that book away free…well, it is no small thing and something I truly appreciate.

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter:

I bought ‘The Rage of Dragons’, but requested a copy of ‘The fires of Vengeance’ through NetGalley. So, I need to read this first before I can move on to book two. Obviously.


So before you judge my big ass NetGalley TBR let me try and defend myself! I didn’t know what NetGalley was or how it worked when I first started so I went on a requesting spree and I got accepted for literally every book! All but one of those initial books are archived now it was that long ago.

I have since requested ‘A Fools Hope’, ‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue‘ and ‘Fires of Vengeance‘. For those books, by all means get pissy and rage about people treating NetGalley like a library. I don’t do it now and have only requested books on two occasions, the first spree and then the last three books I mentioned.

A Fool’s Hope by Mike Shackle:

Literally as soon as I saw Mike’s Twitter status stating that this was now available on NetGalley UK I was on the website and requesting it, even though I am still yet to read book one.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab:

This is my most recent NetGalley request so I don’t feel too bad about this, but still want to read it to get my NetGalley stats acceptable because at present they suck.

The Fires of Vengeance by Evan Winter:

I bought book one of this series and it has such amazing reviews. I am expecting to LOVE ‘The Rage of Dragons’ as some trusted book friends have raved about it and with similar tastes. I’m expecting big things thus my eagerness to get ‘The Fires of Vengeance’.

The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant:

This is the only book from my initial requesting spree that hasn’t been archived!

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow:

I am hoping to read this soon because its nearly Halloween and well this book it WITCHES!

The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence:

So, this was a little bit of a cheat book for me. I really wanted to get ‘The Girl and the Stars‘ but was on the fence about whether I would like it or not so I opted for a NetGalley request to trial it. Honestly expecting to be rejected.

Legacy of Ash by Matthew Ward:

I’m so excited to get to this book and I have actually picked up the audiobook for it too! So here’s to hoping I like it.

Ashes of the Sun by Django Wexler:

I have started this book but started it at the height of my book slump so I was really ‘MEH’ about it. I am going to go back to ‘Ashes of the Sun‘ though and start from the begging hopefully with a significantly better attitude.

We Ride the Storm by Devin Madsen:

I requested this, again expecting to get declined, alas I was accepted and still need to read it! Twitter was going mental for it so I jumped on the bandwagon, I am really excited to read it though ‘We Ride the Storm‘ sounds epic!

Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Le:

Impulse request. I will get to this!

Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt:

Another I impulse requested on my first search spree, and one I will read especially with Norsevember happening! So ‘Northern Wrath‘ is calling me.

There we have it my Immediate TBR! If you have actually read all that i’m impressed so thanks!


  1. That’s a good mindset to have about TBR’s. Lifting away the pressure brings back the pleasure, and that’s what it’s all about after all! Good luck with getting through this little lot, I hope you enjoy all your journeys 😊 I’m targeting a few on my NetGalley for two reasons; I’m not at all far off 80% feedback ratio and the books are most suitable for spooky season so no time like the present 😉 Great post, thanks for sharing 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m terrible choosing books out of my TBR mainly because it’s so large, so this is a good idea. I’ve read the Girl And The Stars and loved it, I also loved Brian Naslunds books. Great Post 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m exactly the same! I’m tempted to go through my TBR in stages and decide whether to keep or remove them. Some will be way of base for my current tastes I think 🙈 Ahh amazing I was really on the fence about it at the start but the more I read how good it is the more excited I get. Thanks Yvonne 🥰🥰



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