It was a day of Skyrim a few days ago, and while I was playing I randomly said “I wish I lived in Skyrim“. Safe to say, the other half just looked at me. Now, he loves the game as well but couldn’t comprehend why I would want to live somewhere I can die in so many horrible ass ways. In any case we ended up having a long ass discussion about what game-worlds would be cool to live in. Well, it got me thinking what fantasy worlds from books I would love to live in.

So here it is, the fantasy worlds amazing authors have created that I would definitely live in. In no particular order…


Honestly, this should come as no surprise! The amazingly talented John Gwynne is the creator behind The Banished Lands. The Faithful and the Fallen and Of Blood and Bone are set in the Banished Lands and its EPIC!

The Banished Lands is a place of such diversity, and is filled with such a deep history! Those who survive in the Banished Lands are tough hardy folk who stand together in times of hardship, either in the impenetrable shield wall or on the back of a finely bred warhorse. This world is not for the weak of heart!

This is a world where you can triumph, where you honour the men beside you and you fight for the Bright Star! Yes, angels (Ben-Elim) and demon (Kadoshim) war with each other, and some really shady folk live here but, hey, you get than anywhere.

I loved this world and all who fill it so I can’t not put this on the list!

And just because this is an awesome music composition to accompany the Banished Lands…


Ahhh, Middle Earth. Most who read fantasy will have probably expected this. I love Lord of the Rings, so it was inevitable that Middle Earth made the cut.

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door. You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

–Bilbo Baggins

Middle Earth is a fantasy world which is rich in detail and so utterly complete. I always say that it wouldn’t surprise me if one day in the future people believe Tolkien’s works to be our history. There is just that much detail. I mean he created a bloody language.

Tolkien wove an incredible world filled with numerous different legends and cultures, namely European mythologies, and then filled them with dwarves, man, elves, wizards, hobbits and more.

Anyone could find a location in Middle Earth to settle in, you could lead a simple life in Hobbiton, earn glory in the ranks of the Rohirrim in Rohan or settle in Lothlorien and enjoy the beautiful forests.


I’m pretty sure you will have heard of Hyboria, seen as thought the tales of Conan the Barbarian are huge, and by huge I mean defining, in the sword and sorcery genre.

Conan BY Niconoff for Drawing Jam #68:: Conan Published: Jan 30, 2012

Hyboria is really cool, even more so because it literally means beyond the north wind, and that is just cool. Hyboria is a magical and mythical place based off our prehistoric word. Now, you might be thinking why on Earth would you want to live in Hyboria when it has formidable monsters and out of control magic users but it is a place to plunder lost treasures and live wild! What can I say? I’m weird and love this shit.


Erilea is from one of my guilty pleasure authors, the series is the Throne of Glass Books, and I love this world. It has great oceans, a pirate riddled archipelago, dessert lands filled with deadly assassins, once fertile lands of the Witch Kingdom now a wasteland and so much more.

Other amazing fantasy worlds from books, games and films are…

Some of these even I might stay clear of, I’m not sure living in Fallout’s Wasteland is ideal, so these are the other absorbing, delightful, and terrifying worlds I loved.

  • Avatar’s Pandora (Film) – Its just so damn pretty!
  • C. S. Lewis’ Narnia (Book) – We have witches, talking animals magic and mythical creatures.
  • George Lucas’ The Star Wars Galaxy (Book) – A fantastical space world with quirky and awesome droids, amazing spaceships and the Force!
  • George R. R. Martin’s Westeros (Book) – Dragons. Just, dragons!
  • Mass Effect’s Milky Way (Game) – A complex and ambitious world, and in my opinion one of sci-fi’s BEST!
  • SKYRIM!!
  • Fallout 4’s The Wastelands (Game) – A post-apocalyptic horror of a world filled with radioactive mutants and bandits.
  • God of War’s Nine Realms (Game) – Inspired by Norse Mythology we have Baldur, the world serpent, talking heads, Draugr and the Valkyries.


  1. I would most definitely live in Skyrim or Middle Earth!

    When I was a child I used to imagine I lived in Middle Earth; every time I went to sleep, closed my eyes or went on a long car journey I’d build up my own story in my head! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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