I went a little crazy this month but with discounts, a super savy bargain hunting me and a nice staff discount I managed to get me some SERIOUS goodies and it didn’t cost all that much!

Some of these are books I have read, and some are hardcovers I don’t want to miss out on to complete a series, especially since they are pretty damned limited sometimes.



So these are all a part of the Kindle Deals and not one cost more than £1.00. Which is amazing. Some of these I had on my TBR and some of them just caught my eye, and after some Goodreads shopping I couldn’t resist! I mean look at the cover of Godblind! Well, all of them to be honest.


I am blaming David S and Traveling Cloak for these two!


I am so excited for ‘Old Man’s War’ it got a lot of love in a previous thread I did asking the book community for SCI-FI Recommendations (whole thread).

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